Blessing Bags

This Sunday, June 18th, is the third Sunday of the month. We are all invited to bring our offerings of non-perishable foods and 6-packs of raisins for the food pantries and Backpack Pals, along with your pocket change for our Joyful Noise offering benefiting Iglesia Esperanza.

And here is a new, special activity for July when we begin to focus on “Care for the Poor.” We will be making Blessing Bags. Have you ever driven by someone holding a sign, stating that they are in need of food or money? Have you felt uncomfortable, not knowing how to help in an immediate way? Help to collect items for these Blessing Bags throughout the next month. Then on July 23rd we will assemble the bags, and you can take one with you to keep handy in your car. Check out the sign-up below to see if you can contribute something to the project. Together we continue to BE the Church!

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