August Mission of the Month – Rebecca’s Pantry/Backpack Pals Raisins

Rebecca’s Pantry at Palmer Moravian Church has been supporting families in the community since the spring of 2014.  We have an average of 12 families using the pantry multiple times throughout the year.  These families are so truly grateful for the assistance to get them through a difficult financial time.

We are in need of the following items…

Cereal       Crackers            Protein / Granola Bars            Pretzels            Applesauce            Canned Fruit            Peanut Butter        Jelly                 Laundry supplies         Cleaning Supplies            Shampoo       Conditioner            Toothpaste       Paper Products

In addition, Palmer Moravian Church has been a wonderful supporter of the Backpack Pals of Easton program, supplying packs of raisins for the 180 bags we distribute 6 times a year.  That’s 1,080 packs of raisins!!  The Backpack Pals of Easton is a program designed to meet the needs of hungry children in the Easton Area School District.  The bags contain nutritious serving size breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to cover a long holiday weekend.

Donations of wrapped six-packs of raisins are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your continued support and participation in these community outreach ministries.