Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship at 8:45 am

This worship service features more contemporary Christian music, accompanied by a team of vocalists and instrumentalists (keyboard and guitar). Worship includes a time for sharing prayer concerns, a message based on the scripture of the day, a special children’s message, and a time to focus on service through a monthly mission focus. Dress is casual, and the atmosphere is relaxed. All ages are welcome, and many kids come to the beginning of worship before going to Sunday School around 9:00 am.

2nd Sunday of September through 1st Sunday of June

Sunday Worship at 10:30 am

This worship service is traditional in content and yet relaxed in atmosphere. You will experience music and readings from the Moravian Book of Worship, as well as special music from vocal and handbell choirs. Each service includes a time for sharing prayer concerns and a message based on the scripture for the day. There is also an emphasis on a monthly mission focus. All ages are welcome!

Third Sunday Worship

From September through May, third Sundays of the month look a bit different. Instead of Sunday School at 9:00 am, children remain in worship at 8:45. Worship is family-friendly and the message is often directed to the kids as well as adults. Along with your usual offerings, you’re welcome to bring something for the food pantry, as we have a time of celebration with our offerings during worship. After the early worship service, there is breakfast for everyone in our fellowship hall. There is always the option to worship at 10:30 am on these days as well.

Holy Communion

The Moravian Church practices open communion. This means that everyone who loves and serves Christ is welcome to participate. Holy Communion occurs in different ways at our worship services, and instructions are always given during worship. Communion is offered ten times a year to celebrate special occasions.


Palmer Moravian Baptism Form

The Moravian Church practices infant baptism. It is always wonderful to celebrate God’s love for our children and the gift of God’s Spirit that comes in a special way at baptism. Children are baptized when at least one parent is a member of our congregation and are brought into the fellowship of the Church at the time of their parents’ choosing. During the baptism ceremony, parents (and possibly sponsors) promise to bring their child up in the church. At the same time, the entire congregation promises to be an integral part of the child’s spiritual formation throughout her/his life. At a later point in life, the child may choose to confirm her/his faith in public worship, after completing confirmation classes (typically grades 7 & 8).

If you are interested in having your child baptized at one of our worship services, please contact the church office to speak with the pastor. 

The Moravian Church acknowledges one baptism. This means that adults who join our church and have already been baptized in another Christian tradition do not need to be baptized again. Instead, they may join the congregation through “Reaffirmation of Faith.” If an adult has never been baptized, then he/she may join the church through adult baptism.


Wedding ceremonies are wonderful occasions to celebrate God’s love for us and our love for one another. If you choose to be married within the Church, then we are committed to helping you create a ceremony that is both joy-filled and reverent. Please contact the church office to inquire about potential dates for a wedding ceremony, depending on the availability of the church facility and a pastor.